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Kibble Software Updates

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Kibble Software Updates - $300

(Job Code: KEI//AMS-VISIT)
  • Review and update all software for machine, implement and AMS components (Displays, Receivers, Rate Controllers, ATU's, Application Controllers, Machine and Implement controllers)
  • Complete Machine readiness checklist:
    • Install setup files and Rx
    • Complete machine and implement measurements
    • Setup section control/overlap control
    • Configure home page layouts
    • Calibrate TCM and other components (height sensors, header cals, etc.)
    • Make sure all hydraulic and electrical connections are correct and test functions as needed in the yar
Software Updates
Additional repairs will be quoted if needed

Kibble Operation Center Ready 2 Run - $300

(Job Code: KEI//AMS-Data)
  • Set up Operations Center account
  • Set up and Review My Operations App
  • Review Team Manager permissions and assist with setting up staff and partners
  • Unload previously recorded data from planting, application, harvest or setup files
  • Review farm and field names in Land Manager. Assist with editing AB lines, boundaries and flags as needed
  • Review Products in Product Manager, add new ones for season, archive as needed
  • Review and Update Equipment list
  • Create setup file with Variety locator if applicable to save to USB or send direct to machine with Wireless Data Transfer*
    • Apex back up and Data cleanup will be quoted at additional cost if needed
Operation Center Ready 2 Run
Does not include cost of JDLINK connect subscription