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24 Row/30 inch spacing/Electric Exactemerge/Active pneumatic/Flex Fold/Markers/Central Commodity System/Liquid in furrow/Rubber tire Closing Wheel/Shark tooth/Screw/ Coming in June 2022

John Deere 1775NT

Price: $252,500.00
Category:Planters: Drawn
Manufacturer:John Deere
Stock / DSID #:607439


Row Spacing30 in
FrameFlex Fold
Metering SystemExact Emerge
HopperCentral Fill System
Row CommandYes
OptionsElectric Drive
ExactEmerge Package
Connect Mobile Ready
Tractor Attaching Components for 8R and 8RT Series Wheel and Track Row-Crop Tractors
Central Commodity System
Two Point Hitch
Electric Drive with Tractor Power Generation - 8030 and 8R Series Tractors
Electric Drive ExactEmerge Meter
Tru-Vee Openers with Single Walking Standard Gauge Wheels
Heavy Duty Scrapers
Mini Seed Hoppers with High-Performance Meter
Active Pneumatic Down Force System
Rubber Tire Closing Wheels
SeedStar 4 HP Monitor System for ExactEmerge with Settings Manager, Mobile Row Unit Runoff and Easy Fold
BrushBelt Delivery System for High Performance Meter
Screw Adjust Unit Mounted Row Cleaner
Markers with 16 In. Notched Disks, Depth Gauging Bands and Control Independent of Planter Lift
Regular Parallel Arms
Frame Weight Distribution
Tire Scrapers for Four Main Frame Wheels
ExactEmerge Corn Bowl
ExactEmerge Soybean Bowl
500Gal. L&D liquid in furrow

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