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Kibble Combine Ready 2 Run

Kibble Combine Ready 2 Run - $600

(Job Code: KEI//AMS_R2R_CMB)
  • Field start combine
  • Review crop changeovers steps
  • Make out of cab adjustments for crop type
  • Complete header and RowSense calibration
  • Set header resume - 123 buttons
  • Choose or create client, farm, field and guidance line
  • Set header recording height
  • Choose crop and variety and confirm recording
  • Harvest grain and set combine to acceptable loss and quality. Utilize ICA or Combine Advisor to set
  • Power shut down, measure pre-harvest, head and separator losses
  • Adjust header for loss and damage observed
  • Set performance target in Combine Advisor for HarvestSmart, Auto Terrain and Auto Maintain
  • Perform a yield calibration - single point, multi-point or enable Active Yield
Combine Ready 2 Run