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Bulk Oil Program

Save Time and Money with our Bulk Oil Program while running quality John Deere oil.

Reasons to take advantage of our Bulk Oil Program:

  • Convenience: free delivery to your farm
  • Cost Savings: lower cost per gallon compared to buckets or drums
  • Extended Lifetime: formulated to perform up to 500 hours in your John Deere engine*
  • Versatile Application: one solution for older engines and newer It4/Ft4 engines
  • Product Guarantee: John Deere and Kibble Equipment stand behind our oil with our Limited Performance Warranty

*See Dealer for Details

Contact your local AfterMarket Sales Representative or Parts Department for more information about this program.

Plus-50 II Engine Oil for John Deere Equipment

Plus-50 II Engine Oil last longer, protects better and saves you money.

Here's how:
500 hours protection

Unlike most other oils that only last 250 hours before your due for a change, Plus-50 II allows 500 hours before your next service.

Developed by John Deere, for John Deere

Specifically designed for and tested alongside John Deere equipment to be sure it exceeded the demanding John Deere standards. During testing they measured significantly less wear and fewer piston deposits when using Plus-50 II Oil.

Saves you some cash

With Plus-50 II Oil offering 500 hours protection vs. 250 hours its simple. More hours = Less oil + Less Oil Filters + Less Service which in turns adds up to more time in the field, more money in your pocket book, and better peace of mind knowing that is made by John Deere, for John Deere.