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Kibble RTK Network

What is a RTK Signal?

RTK is a differential correction signal that provides sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy. With the new Starfire 6000 Receiver producers can experience improved pass- to-pass accuracy and faster pull in times

RTK Annual Subscriptions include:

  • Access to Kibble Equipment RTK Network from January 1 - December 31
  • RTK related phone and email support from the dealer team

Annual Subscription pricing:

  • 1st Receiver - $950
  • 2nd Receiver - $750
  • 3rd Receiver - $550
  • 4th Receiver and all additional - $350 each

Access to the Kibble RTK Network provides:

  • Sub-inch repeatable accuracy year after year
  • Boundary mapping for long-term Section Control performance
  • Repeatable guidance lines over multiple years for strip-till, ridge-till, etc
  • Better guess row consistency
  • Quicker signal pull in times vs. SF1/SF2/SF3
  • Over eight million acres covered with over 100 base stations
  • Remote base station management capabilities for exceptional uptime
Pro Tip:

With RTK you can map your boundaries and guidance lines in the off-season, letting you hit the field when it's go time

* RTK subscription prices subject to change. See your local Kibble dealer for the most up-to-date information.



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