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Kibble KEAP

Eligible Equipment:

  • Sprayers, Tractors, and Combines up to 10 years old and with less than 5,000 hours

  • Corn Heads and Chopping Corn Heads up to 10 years old

How KEAP works:

  • Get an inspection at Kibble Equipment
  • Complete all recommended repairs
  • Enroll in KEAP
  • Protect your equipment against breakdowns that cause downtime

KEAP Benefits:

  • Cost Savings:
    • You just cover your deductible for repairs
    • Extra layer of protection against breakdowns during the season
    • Covers major components on equipment - which are the most common problem areas
    • Risk Management Tool - only pay your deductible if repairs are needed on a covered of equipment
  • Peace of mind knowing your equipment is covered when you need it most

Covered Items:

  • Core Engine
  • Engine Fan & Flywheel
  • Engine Lubrication System
  • Turbo Air Induction & Exhaust System
  • Engine Water Pump & Water Temperature Regulator
  • Fuel Injection Components (mechanical failures only)
  • Engine Drive-line Coupler, Drive-line Shafts, U-joints, Transfer Gears & Differential
  • Transmission, Transmission Oil Pumps, & Valves
  • Final Drives, Drive Axles, & Non-Powered Axles
  • Hydro Propel Pumps, Hydraulic Motors, & Lines/Hoses
  • Creeper Drive Components
  • Hydraulic Tanks
  • Pumps, Oil Coolers, & Motors
  • Hydraulic Valves, Cylinders, & Accumulators
  • Parts that Transfer Power to Components that Thrash, Clean, & Handle Crops (for Combines & SPFH, not Tractors & Sprayers)
  • Free Service Calls (if required)
  • No Charge on Trucking for repairs or rentals
  • Reduced Rate on Rentals
    (if repairs can't be made within 24 hours; rental equipment subject to availability)
Kibble KEAP

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