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Your Farm. Your Future. Our Focus.

You don't give up.

From the longest days to the tiniest moments.

From the mornings that just won't go your way, to the "cheers to that" afternoons.

Whether old or new, seasoned or just-starting-out, fast-paced or slow-and-steady... and everything in-between.

From the tractor cab to the front lawn paradise.

The grain bins, the garden, the fields, the farm.

You are determined, you are resilient, and we are there - no matter the time, place, or season.

Your Farm. Your Future. Our Focus - That's Kibble Equipment.


We strive to improve customers' lives with innovative services and solutions by surrounding ourselves with exceptional people and products.


In a competitive environment, we will rise to the top by doing what we say we're going to do and delivering superior results.

Core Values

Bringing clarity to our vision, we hold firmly to our four core values:

  1. Empowerment - We will trust local decision makers. We empower our employees to make day-to-day decisions for their market and their customers.
  2. Accountability - We will own our work and are willing to be held responsible for our actions by our customers, our communities, our team members, and our organization.
  3. Character - We will do what's right by communicating and acting with integrity. We will temper our success with humility and recognize we need to earn and maintain trust every day.
  4. Perseverance - We will do more than just show up by displaying a spirit of determination, resilience and courage. Collectively, we share a strong desire to excel in every aspect of our business.