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Kibble Sprayer Ready 2 Run

Kibble Sprayer Ready 2 Run - $600

(Job Code: KEI//AMS_R2R_SPY)
  • Field start sprayer
  • Sprayer monitor set up for rates and Rx
  • ExactApply mode set up/tip selection
  • Zero pressure sensor, check flow meter calibration
  • Calibrate Boom Height Sensors and set application height desired
  • Make out of cab adjustments on solution system
  • Perform section test
  • Choose or create client, farm, field and guidance line
  • Choose product and confirm recording
  • Set agitation for product type, observe pressures and spray tip pattern
  • Setup Direct Injection system and rates
  • Tune sprayer on/off times for section control
  • Observe BoomTrac operation and adjust sensitivities
  • Explain each function on the monitor to understand functionality
  • Adjust AutoTrac sensitivities, calibrate AutoTrac Vision camera, RowSense
Sprayer Ready 2 Run
Time does not include setup of non-Deere displays